Saturday, 24 August 2013

Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre

Dingles is based in Devon and is filled with vintage fairground rides. There is a room full of fairground artwork and wood carvings that are absolutely beautiful. My favourites were definitely the carousel horses. In this room there is also a working organ that lit up, which the men in charge of it were very friendly and let us go inside where all the pipes were. The second warehouse was where all the working rides were. It was really lovely to see them all still in their working glory. The characters carved on one of the rides were really quirky, like a cat smoking a cigar. They were all in perfect condition, even if they were a bit rickety but that added to the charm. We went on the ghost train and the skid, which was like the waltzers and went a lot faster than I expected. Overall, the day was great and everything that was there was so inspiring and I shall definitely be taking inspiration for my work from there. 

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