Sunday, 4 November 2012

Initial Inspiration.

I am currently working on a project designing for the menswear label Farrell. Here are some of my mood boards to get my ideas flowing before creating a range plan. 
Farrell as a brand look to very classic and British clothing. Some words that sum up Farrell for me would be working class, well groomed, modest, authentic, masculine, traditional, cheeky and honest. 
In these boards I have tried to address the feel of the brand. 
I am becoming very influenced by mod and skinhead fashion of the 1960s-1980s. I feel these sub cultures are truly British and the whole meaning behind these groups really relates to the Farrell brand. Mods and skinheads take great pride in what they wear, good quality and classic. I feel these working class lads would save up their hard earnings for that right suit to show off on a Friday night out. 
Farrell are also very influenced by military pieces, therefore I have decided to include some images of soldiers and sailors. Along side these images are everyday, hard working men. 
I am also always influenced by musicians,actors and other cultural people within my work. I really feel music and fashion go hand in hand and these figures clothing style is extremely important. 

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