Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Damien Hirst In Ilfracombe

It's brilliant that Damien Hirst is investing so much in Ilfracombe. It makes me so proud that we now have Verity defending our harbor. We visited his restaurant The Quay for a drink and his newly opened gallery. The restaurant interior is beautiful, filled with his artworks. There are butterflies everywhere, in stunning colour palettes. Having just visited the museum, I can really see the influence of museum collections within his work. The kaleidoscope butterfly wallpaper would make a great print for clothing. Some cushions also had embroidery inspired by classic military emblems, like I had seen in the museum. However, these were dedicated to working class culture which is a really clever way to update those old skills and give them a twist. One of the rooms is dedicated to his Medicine Cabinets. The wallpaper was made up of tiny images backed on a silver background, which was gorgeous. There was a cabinet with shelves and shelves of tablets lined up, backed with a mirror which created a really interesting effect.  One of the room's structure is based upon the bottom of the boat, I need to have a meal in there one day. I also managed to get some photos of Verity before my battery ran out. She is so powerful and I love how the sea and elements have turned the copper green. 

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