Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Ilfracombe Museum

I visited Ilfracombe Museum because I hadn't been since I was in primary school and I remembered certain parts of it that made me really want to go back. It was even quirkier than what I remembered, which was brilliant. It has such a mixture of strange, odd and interesting things which I shall be taking inspiration from. 

Navy and Seaside Section

Military Section

 I really love these embroidered postcards and military emblems. I aim to create modern versions of these. 

Vintage Cameras

Odd Pieces 

These are preserved pieces of wedding cake, some date back to the 1800s. How bizarre. 


Victorian Accessories and Clothing
The bead work and detail on these garments are so detailed and beautiful. I love the delicate laces mixed with crushed satin and extraordinary bead work. 

Granny's Attic

I have a strange love for taxidermy and this museum is brimming with it. From my school trip I always remembered the two headed kitten and it was great to see it again. There was also a two headed gosling and four legged chicken skeleton. I love how eerie the jars filled with formaldehyde are. There are trays and trays of butterflies, moths, beetles and other insects. The patterns and colours are incredible. I love how someone has taken so much time to collect them and pin them all in order so neatly. 

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